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Calvert Sails has been a leader in setting new standards in multihull sail designs and innovations.


As a carry over from break through world cup winning windsurfing sails, Calvert Sails were among the first to design the full batten, square top windsurfing sails in the US. 

Calvert Sails were possibly the first to build a square top main for multi-hulls in the US.

These were years before the square top main designs started showing up on Corsair trimarans. Now, the square top main is standard on Americas Cup boats as well as grand prix multihulls and monohulls.  These race sails won numerous multihull events in the US and Caribbean.

Other early multihull sail features include some of the first US sails made in Carbon Fiber and early Cuben Fibers.

We have worked closely with manufactures of sailcloth, testing the latest high tech materials. After leaving UK-Halsey Sailmakers group, we joined forces with Sail Technologies. After years of development, we can offer one of the most durable load path products on the market today. These load path sails are proudly built in the US.

So, if your needs are to win the major multihull events or be the best in your local club, Calvert Sails can take you where you want to go.


Regattas and Racing Sails
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