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The Code Zero GP line is taking the development of Code Zero high performance off-wind sails several steps further. As Code Zero headsails are more and more on the rise across a number of rating rules, Dimension‑Polyant has identified and answered the need for one single sail to cover broad wind ranges and angles through overall weight reduction without sacrificing load capability. Code Zero GP are designed to shine in Grand Prix Racing. They are engineered with a rugged black aramid warp Insert® and also X-PLY® for the highest thread line strength. Combined with a high-count polyester fill for trans-directional stability, our experts again succeeded in creating another class leader for the market. Committed uncompromisingly to success, several characteristics give our CZ GP its unique performance qualities: The film/film construction guarantees minimum moisture pick-up. The semi-transparent appearance provides for increased visibility. Low fill stretch and increased tear strength are achieved by a high count 500 denier fill scrim. And last but not least, this leading Code Zero GP comes with a soft hand due to 0.75 mil film thickness. It leaves nothing to be desired.

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