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One of Dimension-Polyant‘s strengths is the ability to take proven products further, to evolve them in different directions and to develop them for special applications. That’s what we did with our based on polyester PX Line. The family got a new sister named PE Line. The character of the specially constructed PE Line is formed by so called PEN yarns, making it an incredibly low-strain product. Fabrics of the PE Line impress with 30 to 40 percent less stretch than their polyester based basic version. We also call this strong line PEN X-PLY®. It is the ideal choice for all cases where the lowest elongation has the highest priority, but aramid yarns should not be used. These sturdy materials are produced in application of our well-known X-PLY® construction and will please the sailmaker of your choice as perfectly laminated material including Dimension-Polyant‘s proven and reliable UV protection.

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