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Challenge Sailcloth's Super Premium fabrics are the highest yarn count, most densely woven sailcloth styles. The product line begins with Marblehead weaves. Both Low Aspect and High Aspect Marblehead constructions are made with Fiber 104, the very best polyester sailcloth yarn, in both the warp and fill directions of the cloth. Fiber 104 has Super Tenacity properties. 

Marblehead Weaves & Fiber 104 are woven with Power-Shrinkage technology. The yarns and fibers achieve their maximum shrinkage during processing, which means that the fibers are in their natural physical state before they are sewn into a sail and hoisted up the mast. The maximum shrinkage allows the yarns to be woven together more times per yard than any other fabric.This process is called Interlocking™. The fibers Interlock™ more times than  other fabrics, resulting in a great mechanical advantage in sailcloth.  The result is excellent bias stretch resistance, stability and durability.

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