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This line has been developed to address the need for high end, lightweight styles for the growing super yacht market. Besides the need for a high strength-to-weight ratio, one of the most important features in the design protocol of this product is the light, soft, non-bulky characteristics which are critical for the in-mast and in-boom furling systems typically used on these yachts. Abrasion resistant Ultra-PE covering stretch resistant carbon ensures a strong, durable fabric that will increase sailing performance without decreasing the life of the sail. The line is based on increasing counts of both inserted carbon ribbons and Ultra-PE based taffetas as weights go up. The rational designation of these components produces a line that comprehensively covers 25,000 to 60,000 total DPI for step up construction in different sized sails as well as ensuring the proper fabric use within an inventory. Bias characteristics remain very close throughout this line so composite construction of the different weights within a sail blend smoothly from luff to leech.

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