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The Fastnet product line is our Premium Offshore Cruising fabric. Fastnet are the most durable offshore cruising dacrons. They are constructed using massive warp fibers that will significantly improve the longevity of the sail compared to other fabrics. This new concept of using an increased denier on the surface area of the sail is the most efficient and cost effective way of extending a sail's life. 

Fastnet is the 2018 upgrade from High Mass Fiber Weaves.

The Clipper Around the World Race has used Challenge Sailcloth exclusively for the last four editions of the race. These boats use the same sails for over 50,000 miles, and rely on Challenge engineering to power them the entire way. Fastnet represents a technological breakthrough in sailcloth technology, and is a direct result of research and development for this race. Challenge was asked to develop an excellent UV resistant cloth and we delivered. 

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