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A strong team can take any vision and turn it into reality. A strong sail is the perfect companion in doing so. We created the DYS® Offshore Technology to offer you a high-performance fabric with high tear resistance, minimal stretch, high-performance-to-weight and easy to handle. In other words: Dimension‑Polyant’s masterminds have development an ideal laminate line for a successful application in performance cruising and for offshore racing projects. DYS® offers a whole heron of attractive features to those primarily enjoying going offshore. First of all, the Ultra-PE sandwich laminates combine easy handling and excellent durability with outstanding strength and UV-stability. Its inner values vouch for it: A strong internal Ultra-PE woven membrane base encapsulated by film, which is laminated to a tightly woven ripstop taffeta. This „hard core, soft shell“ solution is going to be a rock-solid performer
at your service.

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